September 11th, 2013


The welcome post. Welcome!

Welcome to RED CARD HOMOPHOBIA, an organization of football fans who are opposed to the homophobia that is all too common in football culture. We are men and women from across the globe, from allied clubs and rival clubs, with a shared goal: to end homophobia in football and make the sport more welcoming to fans and players of all orientations.

Posting rules:

1.     1. NO HATEFUL CONTENT. Period. End of. Hatemail will not be addressed, and trolls will be banned.
When posting news or articles, you must include a source. Do not just copypasta. Respect the content of news sites, club sites, and other blogs.
3. Use a LJ-cut when posting lengthy articles or lots of photos.
4. NO FAN WORKS are allowed here. This is not a slash community of any kind. Homophobia is an issue that affects the lives of real people in real ways. This is not an outlet for fantasizing about players’ personal lives.
5. NO GOSSIP. This includes speculation about players’ personal lives, petty commentary on their relationships, and ‘outing’ people.

Other links:

1.       Twitter: @rchomophobia
Tumblr:, for members to show their support in photos
Facebook: Red Card Homophobia
At ontd_football, the post that started it all:

Show homophobia the red card, and kick hate and discrimination OUT of the beautiful game!