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Join the RCH team

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, RCH has not been very active of late and it is because we have lost a few mods and there are increasing time restraints on those who remain.  

In order for RCH to remain active we need new volunteers to join our team.

Obviously we are going to continue to promote equality in football and the community and blog are not going to disappear, but in order for RCH to reach its full potential (or get back to the momentum we had last summer) we need new volunteers to join.

We are looking to fill a variety of positions, varying from maintaining social media sites, writing articles, and promoting RCH through different means. If you just have a general interest in joining please still comment below or email us, every helping hand counts! All we ask for is teamwork and dedication to the cause.

We have a lot of ideas on where we want to take RCH but we are unable to reach our goals without help.

Please comment below with the following information (comments will be screened) or email it to
First name:
LJ username:
Email address:
Explain your interest in joining RCH:
Position that you are interested in:
Estimated Availability:

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