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This is big.. hopefully.

Last night a TV special on homophobia in football called 'FC Gay' was aired on Dutch television. Dutch football might be up for some serious change, after FA chairman announces a big campaign to help ban homophobia from football.

The TV special, earlier mentioned here b/c of douchebaggery by Ajax manager Frank de Boer, had everyone involved in professional football shedding their light on the issue. Interviews with analysts, supporters, managers, prof footballers and gay ex-footballers provided a good picture of the situation and the biases and fears surrounding it.

Fortunately the program moved beyond the usual statements of 'We have no problem with gay footballers, but other people probably do'. The Chairman of the Dutch FA (KNVB) stated that the association acknowledges the problem and that they're setting up a big national campaign after callaborating with all big Dutch LGBT associations. The campaign is set to start on International Coming Out Day, on October 11th.

Dutch info/ link to watch

Since everyone is paying attention to the olympics this is prolly not getting the attention it deserves, so I thought I'd share. This is why I love my country, tbh. Hopefully they'll handle it well and achieve some change and be an example to other prominent football associations.

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